The dos and don’ts of advertising in 2020

The dos and don’ts of advertising in 2020

According to eMarketer companies spend over 375 billion dollars on digital ads. Why? Because people want to fulfill their needs and look for advice – 90% of web searchers haven’t decided yet which product to buy while making a search. Scale, methods, channels of advertising, have changed nowadays and it’s no longer about intuition, but more about precisely calculated data. Despite that, according to Adweek 76% of marketeers still fail to use behavioral data for online ad targeting.

Your do’s

Do get to know your target audience and your platform. Ads you create should be targeted to your customers as 80% of shoppers claim that they will more likely buy from a personalized experience. At the same time, personalized emails get 70,5% higher open rate and 152% higher clickthrough rate. The same applies to platforms you use. Each one has its own unique features and characteristics, which can influence the kind of content you advertise and the way people interact with it. Facebook users expect informative content, while Instagram users want to experience aesthetically appealing pictures – consider which platform will work the best for your product.

Do create content. According to Havas 84% of people expect brands to do so. Your customers are looking for valuable content and they are happy if you deliver it to them. It also can be used to make your brand look competent. What’s more, you can educate your clients about your products and communicate to reference their needs or potential benefits. This way they will be more eager to make a purchase.

Do measure your effectiveness. 76% of marketers still fail to use behavioral data for targeting their ads, even if now advertising is more about data than ever. There are plenty of tools like Google Analytics, Marketo or Kissmetrics, which will help you to check on your efficiency in different aspects and you should use them. You are able to determine if your ads reach the right people, check on exposure, attention, perception, and find out if desired results are fulfilled. Analyze your actions and improve your ad campaigns. You can also use A/B/X tests to establish multiple versions of our ad and find out which one is the most successful.

Your don’ts

Don’t concentrate on text. It’s proven that nowadays pictures and videos are way more effective in grabbing attention and have a greater chance to go viral. Conversion of pop-ups with an image is 84% higher than conversion of those without any picture. You can increase conversion of your pop-ups by 84% just by adding a picture. Combine video ads with new channels of advertising to get truly incredible results. Did you know that paid YouTube mobile ads receive attention 83% of the time? Wow.

Don’t stick to traditional methods. Look for creative ways of advertising your products.  While 90% of searchers haven’t made up their mind before starting a search, 70-80% of web users ignore sponsored search results. And it’s even more important if it comes to social media advertising. Official tools are rarely very effective there. Building engagement and maintaining the relationship can be a long-term project, but it brings way better results – 53% of your customers become loyal ones after they follow your brand in social media.

Don’t underestimate the social aspect. Lately, reviews and shares become more and more important to people, who find them easy to check and trustworthy. 90% of customers read online reviews before visiting a business and those reviews influence 67,7% of purchasing decisions. It’s really worth it to maintain the bond with your customers.