Find out how you can improve your conversion rate by 6% with Google Analytics

Find out how you can improve your conversion rate by 6% with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular analytics tool being used on over 29 million sites worldwide. 72% of businesses choose it over other tools. Check out how you can benefit from all this information to improve your conversion rate by 6%.

Save your money

Google Analytics has one great advantage – it’s free. At the same time, it offers as many useful functionalities as paid tools, so it’s a perfect solution for small and medium businesses. However, remember that the full range of features is offered only by Google Analytics 360, which, in fact, costs 150,000 dollars per month.

Benefit from the biggest database on the web

Google has been building its database for over 20 years now and even if their analytics tool won’t provide you all the relevant data, it still has an impressive range of information such as bounce rate, attribution, users flow, trending, sources of traffic, and cross-channel attribution, You can check which of your content resonates best with your customers, find out how many mobile users are interested in your brand, and track your clients’ behavior on your multiple domains. Google Analytics allows you to identify the keywords and use them to increase your effectiveness – ranking them in spots thanks to SEO, 1-4 provides a target CTR of 20% compared to 8% when they are placed in spots 5-6. It’s also possible to understand where your customers go to make a purchase and determine if your checkout is optimized. What’s more, there is an option to get some information about your competition and its traffic.

Improve your advertising

Understanding the customer behavior is a key to the success in delivering relevant content and ads. Google Analytics presents data in a streamlined form and allows you to efficiently process export, and share it. With all this information you can build a complete picture of your visitors, segment them, and then use this information to personalize your offer. And why should you do it? The answer is easy – because it reduces acquisition cost even by 50% and increases revenues by 5-15%. And if you apply all those suggestions to your actions, your conversion rate can increase even by 6%!

Use Google Ads and other tools

You can also connect your Google Analytics with Google Ads to get instant results. It allows you to use Google Analytics data to optimize bidding, customize your messages, designate your most valuable customers, and use customers’ responses to adjust your actions thanks to machine learning-powered capabilities. The two systems are designed to compliment each other to achieve even greater success, however, using Google Ads isn’t mandatory. You can also integrate Google Analytics with other tools such as Lucky Orange to get some more options to work on your data.