8 reasons why email marketing is on the rise in 2020

8 reasons why email marketing is on the rise in 2020

Email marketing still remains the most effective way to reach your customers. In 2020 it’s widely used with 3,7 billion people communicating through email worldwide and according to researchers users consider it their favourite channel of communication. Moreover, 66% of customers declare this kind of message encourages them to make a purchase. And personalisation allows you to get 70,5% higher OR and 152% higher CTR. See why you should be using emails and how to make them more effective.

Save on the costs by relying on email marketing

Email marketing is huge. It has 3,7 billion users and accounts for nearly 7% of all customer acquisition. It’s so popular because it’s just extremely efficient. Experts from Litmus estimate this form of advertising returns 42$ for every single dollar spent, so you can reach a wide audience of email users with low investment and relatively low effort. At the same time, you can achieve very satisfying results, because emails have an average conversion rate of 2,3%. It’s way more effective than social media with just 1%. And while social media users claim that only 22% (Facebook) and 6% (Twitter) ads encourage them to purchase, it is as many as 66% for emails.

Personalize your emails

But the low costs and high return value is just one thing. Email marketing has plenty of other advantages and most of them revolve around one word: personalization. It became an incredibly important part of any marketing campaign and email marketing can use it to the fullest. You should know that emails have an average of 20% open rate and 3,3% clickthrough rate. However, those statistics can look better, if you know your customers and target your emails properly. By using personalisation you can achieve 70,5% higher open rate and 152% higher clickthrough rate. You can benefit from your customers’ information to segment them, personalize your messages, and optimize your efforts. Email marketing also allows you to collect data itself, test the effectiveness of your campaigns, and track your customers’ reaction to improve even more. Moreover, according to the National Client Email Report segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all emailing revenue. Worth it, right?