Increase your lead generation even by 7 times with website optimization

Increase your lead generation even by 7 times with website optimization

The difference between a well-designed, optimized website and something that looks like it’s been running since 1994, directly translates into how many users will want to share information with you and become leads. One study found that something as simple as a layout change can result in a 681% increased conversion. Conversion potential customers into leads from website users generally oscillates between 1-3%, but you can do better. Much better, in fact. Here are some simple tricks to increase the conversion of leads to even 6-7%, simply by optimizing your website.

Simplify the transactional process and speed up your website

Do you know what is the number 1 complaint of eCommerce users, accounting for roughly 50% of all complaints? It’s not the cost of service. Surprisingly, it’s the check-out process. The second most popular complaint? A slow-running website. Today, customers are used to the idea that they have nigh-infinite ability to find what they’re looking for, so what do they usually do, if they can’t make their purchase at the first online venue they visit? They leave and look somewhere else. The message here is clear: optimizing your website with convenience in mind is the key to success. 

The first step is making sure your website runs fast enough, and doing so is akin to gardening: it’s all about removing unnecessary plugins, resizing and compressing your images correctly, and reducing flashy animations. This may seem like menial tasks, but increasing the load-time of your website by even 1 second can increase the conversion rate by even 20%. 

The next step is making the check-out process as smooth as possible which means avoiding requiring your customer to put all their information a second, third or fourth time, not interrupting your customers during this process with pop-ups, and letting them use multiple payment methods. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here, it’s all about incremental improvements stacking up to make a big difference.

Use web push notifications to generate additional leads

Web push notifications are a fantastic way of generating conversions, because they’re inobtrusive to the user and, as an added benefit, they can smuggle in some product information, like recommendations – all the while trying to turn your users into leads. Fun fact about personalized web push notifications: they can outperform emails in generating revenue, even by as much as 20%. What this means is that you should be utilizing them and you should put effort into making the web push notifications sign up forms something that your users will want to fill out. The genius of this communication channel lies in the fact that these notifications appear when your user is using your service, and they can be personalized to contain sensitive information depending on the behavior of the user on your store’s page. They also slow the page down less than standard newsletter form, so using them doesn’t clash with your other priorities.