Use Viber and WhatsApp in your mobile marketing campaigns to achieve response rate of 45%

Use Viber and WhatsApp in your mobile marketing campaigns to achieve response rate of 45%

We have been sending text messages for 22 years now and it seems it still hasn’t gotten stale or boring. Mobile marketing still offers amazing marketing opportunities and you should be using it to its full potential in your campaigns as it boasts much higher OR than emails – mobile messages have an average open rate of 98% and response rate of 45%. What’s more, according to Viber, 16% of its viewers click the buy button, while 32% share products with their friends. You just have to be a part of this.

Know your audience

Mobile users generate 66% of web traffic and 79% of them take action based on offers sent via mobile channels. This is a preferred channel of communication for most smartphone users between 18 and 29 years old and you shouldn’t forget about that while creating your campaign. At the same time, with an average open rate of 98% and response rate of 45%, mobile marketing is a personal, immediate channel. Customers are eager to take action and buy more impulsively through mobile devices and unlike emails, a text message is very hard to miss.

First steps to use mobile messaging apps

You can build on that by using Viber and Whatsapp. Why use those new methods of mobile communication when conventional channels already exist? The answer is simple – 800 million users of Viber and 1200 million users of WhatsApp, which makes them two biggest mobile apps worldwide. That’s not all though. It’s convenient, interactive and effective. You can easily connect it to your phone number and make use of your contact list to chat one-to-one, send messages to multiple contacts and interact in groups. Viber and WhatsApp functionalities are well-adjusted for eCommerce as they allow you to create marketing campaigns and you can connect these apps to automation platforms such as SALESmanago or Pardot.

Be creative and personalize the experience

Remember that it’s innovative, personalized campaigns that are proven to be the most successful in mobile marketing. Take a look at this one, from Hellman’s, which targets users of WhatsApp. They were asked to send photos of items in their refrigerators and then Hellman’s chef advised them what they could do with them. This customized experience generated 13,000 sign-ups and got approval of 99,5% customers.

Or consider the campaign of Absolut Vodka. The company hosted an exclusive party to celebrate the launch of a limited products collection. Only two tickets were shared to the public and customers could get them by interacting with Sven, a virtual doorman. They got very creative and the campaign has turned out to be as hilarious as it was effective. Within 3 days Absolut Vodka interacted with 600 customers and got over 1000 messages. 

And as you can see there is one thing all successful mobile campaigns have in common – they are user centric.