Save abandoned carts – use product recommendation and get better conversion

Save abandoned carts – use product recommendation and get better conversion

Window shopping is a thing that happens also online. According to Online Consumer Trends 2019, the research conducted by SALESmanago, the average global cart abandonment rate in 2019, was 67,9%. There may be many many reasons why the customer leaves your website without buying anything, like the price with shipping included being too high (58%) or the customer wanting to save the cart for later (55%). Whatever it is, one of the ways to save abandoned carts, is to reach out to the customer with the right product recommendation. 

Send a personalized email and win the customer back

The average conversion rate for abandoned cart emails goes up to almost 19%. The key to succeeding with this method, is personalization – recommendation of the right products to the right customers at the right time. Emails sent after the customer left the purchase unfinished should include the product, or products, that got the most attention and landed in the customer’s cart. Marketing automation tools allow you to track user activity on your website – that way you can know which product from the cart was clicked and viewed the most. 

The email should contain a dynamic frame with the products and it would be the best, if they were already in the option that the customer was interested in, for example a red shirt. You should also remember to send the email within 24 hours after the customer abandons the cart, otherwise their motivation to buy something will fade. In addition, if the first email doesn’t work, you can follow up with a second one, offering the same products, but this time, with a special discount or free shipping. 

Get even better results – 20% more revenues with web push notifications  vs. emails

According to research on different types of product recommendations, delivering them to the customer using web pushes, results in 20% higher revenues, compared to personalized emails. With this method you still use the behavioral data of a given user and personalize the message based on that. However, web push notifications give you more ways of reaching out to the customer. Car abandonment emails OR in 2020 is around 40%, which is lower compared to previous years, but still not bad. 

Nonetheless, once the customer agrees to receiving notifications from your website, web pushes will have the advantage of always being noticed, in opposition to emails, that can end up in SPAM or be lost between other messages in the customer’s mailbox. Using web push notifications you can surprise the user repeatedly and at any time with, for example, an unexpected discount code for the red shirt they were interested in or a time-limited sale for a whole category of products, including the ones from the abandoned cart.