Why is SEO so important in eCommerce

Why is SEO so important in eCommerce

In times of the internet and constantly growing eCommerce industry, knowledge about the art of SEO and its implementation is a must. However, incorrect use of SEO is also the reason why customers are being swamped with generic, repetitive, low-quality content that only drives them away. Here’re a few tips to improve your positioning and increase sales with SEO and good content.

Better the positioning of your website and be more visible to potential customers

In one second, there’s over 85 thousands Google searches. Statistics show that around 67% of first clicks while researching goes to 5 first organic results, meanwhile websites from 6th to 10th position get only 3,7% of clicks. That’s a huge gap. Of course, those first five results didn’t end up on the top by accident. What made them so visible and as a result more clickable, is good positioning. How to succeed, stand out in the search results among so many competitors and get bigger conversion? –  SEO.

The traffic (especially the organic one) that you’re able to drive to your eCommerce thanks to SEO, is a big indicator of its success. It means you’re gaining the trust of your customers and the credibility in their eyes. SEO also means a better customer experience – they want something and they want it to be easy to find, so make it easy. SEO has 20 times more traffic opportunities than for example strategies based on paid advertisement. Your best ad should be your own website and content. To be able to achieve that, you’ll need SEO and good content marketing.

SEO – do it properly to get the best results

SEO optimization is not an easy task and requires a specific set of technical and creative skills. Around 74% of businesses invest in SEO and 81% declare the will of hiring an SEO agency. Some people though still question if it’s necessary to have an SEO specialist. If you want to have a website that’s 100% SEO optimized, hiring someone for that job is a good decision, whether you do it in-house or outsource it.

The reason why you should get a specialist or a whole team of them, is because better positioning of your website will require filling it with search engine friendly content, keywords used in a natural, attractive way, inside linking as well as taking care of bringing traffic from outside. A good, experienced SEO content-writer will know how to do all those things and how to do them right, saving and making you money in the long run.