Connect, engage and build relationships to make social media users spend 20-40% more money to your brand

Connect, engage and build relationships to make social media users spend 20-40% more money to your brand

Social media is the new reality. It became an important part of our lives – it already had 3,8 billion users in 2019 and this number constantly rises. On average, people spend 2 hours 33 minutes per day using social media. You can convince them to purchase for 20-40% more money and make even 53% of your customers more loyal to your brand easier than ever – just by making them follow your fanpage and maintaining a relationship.

Benefit from social media popularity

Social media is now used by 3,8 billion people and each year it notes a significant growth. The leader is still Facebook with 1,47 billion daily users, but other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat aren’t less important. 

Make your customers buy more

Connecting with people in social media makes 53% of them loyal customers, which spend 20-40% more. And did you know that 30% of online shoppers say that they would make a purchase from social networks? Not only that, in the case of Instagram it’s even 60%! It shows that social media makes for a huge market and a big opportunity for ecommerce. 

Communicate via social media

At the moment, 90% of businesses are using them for customer service and not doing that is a huge loss, because social media users prefer this form of communication – 54,5% of those Americans who use social media would rather use messaging channels than other communication channels and 89% would like to use it to communicate with businesses. 

Build trust and get recommendations

Users trust social media recommendations almost as much as their friends’ and customers who interact with your brand in social media are three times more likely to recommend it! So by being active in social media, you can gain more loyal customers, provide more traffic for your site, and claim the ability to newsjack, which can gain your brand additional attention. At the same time, it’s relatively cheap and takes a small commitment. Doesn’t it sound perfect?

Build your brand

You need to remember that every platform is unique, however, there are few universal rules. In social media it’s all about connecting, engaging and building relationships. Interact with your followers and create interesting content. Doing that, you should remember about the 80/20 rule. It says that 80% of content shared on your side should be high-quality content for your clients and self-promotional content should take only 20% of all shared material.

It’s all about communication

Don’t forget that you manage a community and interact with groups of people rather than individuals. Plan your social media activity, be SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Set goals, measure your progress and keep both feet on the ground. It’s the key to success in social media marketing.

Acknowledge the popularity of video content

It’s more and more popular – overall 36% of Americans watch it and 22% create it. What’s more, 89% of them state that videos encouraged them to make a purchase. But don’t forget that length is important. For example, on Facebook the most effective are videos between 4 minutes and 4 minutes 20 seconds

Consider influencers below 35 000 of subscribers

They can be small, but they have the highest average engagement rate of 5,3%. And did you know that 70% of teenagers consider influencers more trustworthy than traditional celebrities? 

Use external tools and don’t forget about remarketingAnd there’s more! You can apply external tools like Marvel used ManyChat and, to achieve enormous success and you can do the same. They are an effective way to take advantage of your achievements and bump your numbers even more. And the last thing is remarketing.If you do it properly, you’ll get three times more clicks on your ads and they’ll be four times more likely to convert new customers.