Software details

AdRoll helps various businesses to compete online and grow revenue. The AdRoll E-commerce Growth Platform allows making a display, social, and email advertising combine and work together to accelerate business growth. It is powered by industry-leading automation and personalization processes which, in consequence, leads to brands being able to better structure, measure, and sync their marketing efforts. The software provides cross-device and cross-platform ads with mobile, Facebook, and Twitter retargeting. It offers flexible segmentation, transparent analytics, and dynamic LiquidAds allowing for optimization on an expert level.

Best For

AdRoll is a suitable choice for eCommerce businesses. It is a useful tool to administrate the prospective customers’ data and to measure the success of the individual campaigns.

Main features

Main features offered by AdRoll are: flexible management, dynamic content, personalization, segmentation, visitors tracking, display functionality, targeting, retargeting, geotargeting, brand safety, creative optimization, bulk editing, frequency capping, campaign optimization, budget pacing, user management, A/B testing.



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