Software details

Avochato is a cloud-based text-messaging software, launched in 2017. It specializes in SMS texting and live chats and carries its mission of helping businesses to evolve along with their customers and embraces the shift in communication, with messaging becoming the primary way of people’s contact. It makes the two-way connection between a company and a customer easier and faster. Avochato software doesn’t require programming, only setting up a phone number, to reach out to the customers. Possible integrations include Salesforce, MS Teams, Slack and Zapier.

Best For

This software was created for businesses which cherish the effective connection with their customers, however it is a good choice for many different companies as well, starting from ecommerce, through agencies, delivery services and support teams, to travel agencies and a wider range of businesses and brands that want to stay in open, direct contact with their customers and clients.

B2B, B2C, Retail, Services

Main features

SInce Avochato promotes simple, fast and direct two-way communication, the main solutions supported by the system are texts, MMSes, phone calls and live chats, with additional features that help to manage the communication process. Those features include a shared inbox, tags, automated responses triggered by keywords, templates and broadcasts sent to the entire targeted audience. The program also offers a free mobile app for iOS and Android.